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According to the texts created by Sanskrit, the Kauravas and Pandavas have fought for Indraprashtra City. However, there are no proven remains of the Indraprastha City but there are 736 A.D. ruins that still stand today at the New Delhi City. One of the sample ruins is the fortress La Kot, which was built by the Tomara Rajputs. Rajputs were eventually driven out by the Turkish General King. The Turks constructed the Qutb Complex, which is a structure that is popular as a tourist destination in New Delhi today.

The city of New Delhi was developed by the British and is only 100 years old at this time.

General Information

New Delhi is the capital city of one of the world’s fastest growing economy, India. It is the travel center of the northern India. New Delhi is an excellent base for visiting colorful states of Agra, Rajasthan, and even the city of Taj Mahal. The travel from the base is just less than 3 hours away. New Delhi City is also the perfect base for those who travel heading to the north for grandeur experience of the East to the Sacred City of Varanasi and Himalayas.

New Delhi is the main entry point in India for international visitors. It has two airports, one for domestic flights called the Palam Airport, and the other one is for international flights called the Indira Gandhi International Airport. These airports well connected to different states of the country by bus, rail, or flight. The bus terminal in trans-Yamuna area is the Ananda Vihar Bus. There is also the Inter-State Bus Terminal (ISBT) in Old Delhi. Two main railheads can be found in New Delhi City, and both are well connected from the Connaught Place.

New Delhi City is regarded as one of the fastest growing cities in the world since it is populated with about 14 million citizens. The city consists of the Old Delhi and the New Delhi. It houses the finest dining & entertainment, shopping, galleries, and museums in India. It also has a good array of cultural attractions and sights. Undoubtedly, the city of New Delhi is the gateway to India for those who wish to experience Indian’s way of life and culture.

With a vibrant combination of present and past, the city of New Delhi will delight everyone with its remarkably fine museums and ancient architectures. The city is set up with archeological findings that are way back to 1,000 B.C. as well as ruins of the seven other ancient cities of the country. It also boasts of its top restaurants and hotels, excellent shopping areas in Connaught Place, and markets such as Delhi Haat.

The Old Delhi was ruled by Muslim leaders from the 12th to the 19th century. The ruling was evidence of the presence of monuments, forts, and many mosques of historical interests. On the other hand, the New Delhi was more of a modern British creation. It is the biggest city in India as well since it has a lot of outstanding attractions and sceneries to offer tourists.

Being the capital of India, New Delhi city is a destination for visiting diplomats, global businesspersons, and leisure-seeking tourists. It has the crucial role of welcoming guests to the country. The finest hotels and five-star establishments are found in this city like The Taj and The Oberoi. There is also a collection of much cheaper accommodations for those who are on tight budget. However, moderately priced accommodations are very minimal but average rooms can be considered instead.

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